Stamping Success

We have a reputation for being metal stamping experts that began with the purchase of historic Acklin Stamping of Toledo, Ohio, in 1999. We changed the name to Ice Industries and our company was formed. With subsequent purchases we have built on each company's expertise and heritage while bringing the expanded capability, organization and efficiency that comes with a larger, more integrated company.  

Growth has enabled us to further expand our metal stamping capabilities well beyond the deep draw niche. Today, we have the acquired skill sets, people and equipment to offer a full-range of metal stamping solutions.

Whatever your metal stamping needs, chances are Ice can meet it, from automated transfer, tandem and progressive stamping, to high-volume blanking applications and low volume specialty stampings. And, of course, deep draw.

Stamping Success
for over 20 Years

Deep Draw

Having produced millions of deep drawn compressor shells, we are experts in deep draw technology. This separates Ice Industries from typical metal forming companies. Our deep drawn housings have been used in the manufacture of millions of HVACR compressors.

We produce parts for both reciprocating and scroll compressor versions. We also have blanking, fabrication, machining, welding and assembly capabilities, which complement our forming expertise. In-die welding capabilities provide efficiencies for our customers, along with unique cost advantages in the manufacturing process. Our technicians operate multiple compressor shell lines and are dedicated to providing high-quality components.


Transfer / Tandem / Progressive

We have the right press equipment to meet all your stamping needs including hydraulic and mechanical presses in multiple locations. Our hydraulic presses range in size from 100 to 1000 tons of forming capability. Our mechanical presses range in size from 100 to 3000 tons. 

With tremendous variety of bed sizes and tonnage we can certainly find the right assets in the right location for you. We have one out presses, progressive presses with in-die welding and tapping capabilities, multiple large tandem lines and transfer presses. 

We have the acquired skill sets, people
and equipment to offer a full-range
of metal stamping solutions

High Volume Applications

We are built to handle any high-volume production request. With available holding, warehousing, Kanban, and "just-in-time" delivery processes, Ice Industries can meet any timing requirement.


It’s simple. The best results come from the best materials. We’ll work with your sources and leverage our supply base to procure the finest raw materials to craft optimal solutions.


We proudly maintain an extensive inventory of presses, complemented with auxiliary equipment that includes overhead cranes, de-coilers, coil straighteners, joggle blankers, robotics, in-line washers and rust-preventative applicators. By offering a wide variety of stroke, bed size and coil feed options; we ensure we have the capacity to meet any need. Our presses can handle coils up to 40,000 lbs., limiting downtime caused by excessive changeovers.