Precise Program Management Works

Our powerful Program Management Process ensures that every milestone is met and every budget requirement is realized. We understand that, whether handling a takeover of existing tooling from troubled or uncompetitive suppliers or developing and managing a new tooling build, precise program management must remain a constant driver of our processes.

To accomplish this, we’ve developed a proprietary Program Management Process to meet the growing needs of our expanding customer base. A program manager will be assigned to your project to lead the teams and coordinate the completion of all required elements contained within each gate.

Ice Program Management Process Five Stage Gates:

  1. Program planning
  2. Process design and development
  3. Process validation
  4. PPAP
  5. Customer feedback and lessons learned
every milestone is met and every budget requirement is realized

A Successful Launch, Every Time

Often times, new program specifics are still being defined even as the program is being built. We understand the inherent challenges of launching new projects, and the importance that these projects launch flawlessly. Our Program Management Process has proven indispensable in the management of successful launches.

Whatever the particular needs of your new program launch, you can count on our expert engineers to work closely with you, maximizing the efficiency of the overall process, meeting your needs and enhancing the total supply chain process.

meeting your needs and enhancing the total supply chain process

Transfer and Takeover Specialists

Our commitment to diversification means a large portfolio of customers across various markets, which means stable volumes, profitable results and financial stability. Today, we’re well positioned as an attractive solution for customers faced with an insolvent, distressed or uncompetitive stamping supplier.

Today, we are considered transfer and takeover specialists. It’s only through the development and strict adherence to our distinct Program Management Process that we’ve been able to become successful. Our implementation teams approach each and every transfer and takeover with a sense of drive and urgency to match that of our customers.