Ordered Steps to Success

We follow a proven process for identifying structured acquisition opportunities that are mutually beneficial to both our organization and the businesses we acquire.

  1. Execution of a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
  2. A formal and binding agreement is signed protecting both parties’ confidential information.
  3. Preliminary Information Request 
  4. To expedite our review and respect all parties’ time, Ice Industries will provide the seller with a simple list of preliminary due diligence information. This would typically encompass some historical financial information, information about the history of the business and its current key managers along with any product or marketing literature.
  5. Letter of Interest
  6. Ice will develop a preliminary letter of interest outlining the major components of a purchase, including price and the unique structure that fits the requirements of the seller. This agreement becomes the foundation for the Definitive Agreement.
  7. Preliminary Due Diligence 
  8. If we decide to engage in further discussions regarding a purchase, we will begin preliminary research into the company, including the industry it operates within, its competitors, its customers and its suppliers. We spend time understanding any unique strategic issues, the operations of the business and its inherent strengths, risks and growth opportunities. We may request an audience with a limited group of key customers during this step of the process.
  9. Confirming Due Diligence
  10. After both parties have agreed to a more formal and comprehensive Letter of Intent, Ice will complete any necessary confirming due diligence. This may be done on site and include interviews of key employees and customers.
  11. Transaction Documentation 
  12. To expedite the process, Ice will typically work on definitive transaction documentation while the confirming due diligence is completed.
  13. Definitive Agreement
  14. Definitive Agreements are signed and the transaction is closed and funded.
a proven process
for identifying structured acquisition opportunities