Manufacturing change

It is said that change is the only constant. Just as your business likely has to regularly adjust to meet a variety of market conditions, manufacturing, too, is an evolving environment. Whatever the industry or marketplace, processes and technologies must be continually updated to keep up with expanding and growing marketplace challenges.

At Ice Industries, we embrace these changes, constantly seeking to employ technological solutions that are built to accommodate today's rapidly changing business world. Whether you have complicated transfer press automation or simple progressive dies, takeover work from troubled suppliers or new program tool build and launch; we have extensive experience in optimizing the production process to meet your unique needs.

But as much as the markets, technologies and processes evolve, one thing will never change: Ice Industries' core competency of metal forming, machining, welding and assembly. And our experience within these disciplines is broad and deep. More than manufacturers, we are innovators in high-volume production, offering a vast array of manufacturing capabilities to precisely meet any customer need—no matter the size requirements.

Our breadth and depth of manufacturing capabilities, coupled with our considerable inventory of equipment and over one million square feet of manufacturing space, positions us to be a true marketing partner, providing your business with the stamping, welding and assembly solutions you need to thrive within your ever-changing market.

Our vast array of manufacturing capabilities and processes include:

Metal Stamping
Deep Draw
Transfer / Tandem / Progressive
High Volume Applications
Specialty Fabrication & Low Volume Applications
Value Added Services
Product Engineering
Process Engineering
Tool and Die
Mechanical Press Equipment
Hydraulic Press Equipment
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